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The Importance of Analytics in Business for 2019

Analytics Will Matter Even More in 2019 I often say to my students, “A business without analytics is a blind business. After all, how can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are?” To best predict your future, you need to have a really clear picture of your past and present. […]

Why Site Structure Matters and What to Do About It

How and Why to Master Site Structure Not all websites, pages and blogs are created (or ranked, searched for or indexed) equally. This is true when it’s a human interacting with it and when it’s a search engine. If you are a marketer or business owner, you probably know the 80/20 rule of websites: 80% […]

The Integrated Approach of Content Marketing & Search Engine Marketing

Are SEO and Content Marketing supposed to be separate? Should we be treating our Search Engine Marketing and content marketing projects with different strategies? I get a lot of client calls asking the same question, which is normal. And more specifically, where do we draw the line between content and SEO. Well, the problem is this: […]

What Every Business Should Know Regarding PPC and SEM

What should managers know about SEM/PPC before launching a campaign? What should a client or a brand manager be aware off when it comes to an Ad Words campaign? Let us start by explaining what is PPC advertisement; PPC stands for Pay per Click, the most popular method of PPC is on search engines, on […]

What Can Marketers Learn From the Movie Industry?

The movie industry is one of the most competitive and engaging industries when it comes to marketing. This industry requires quick adaption, seasonality, buildup, a lot of preparation and planning, which makes it a learning ground for marketers who want to get better and want more challenge. Here are 12 things marketers can learn from […]