What Every Business Should Know Regarding PPC and SEM

Search Engine Pay Per Click

What should managers know about SEM/PPC before launching a campaign?

What should a client or a brand manager be aware off when it comes to an Ad Words campaign?

Let us start by explaining what is PPC advertisement; PPC stands for Pay per Click, the most popular method of PPC is on search engines, on platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…

The most popular tools used to manage the PPC on these search engines are

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads (manages both Bing and Yahoo ads)

What do you do on these platforms?

  • Buy listing
  • And these listings will appear as sponsored/paid results

How do you buy listings and ads?

  • Ads are bought using an auction
  • The higher you bid, the more you increase your chances to rank. This is not the only determining factor, there is also a quality score
Adwords and Bing ads all you need to know as a client

Pay Per Click – SEM

What is quality score?

Quality score is a variable used by Yahoo, Bing and Google that can influence your ad rankings; it accounts for the quality of your landing pages, ads and keywords. Most importantly, it accounts to how relevant your keyword is to your ad, and how relevant the content in the ad is to the landing page.

What makes a successful PPC account?

  1. Proper Geo targeting, whether local, international or national
  2. Proper Demo-graphical targeting
  3. Clarity
  4. Backing your ads with something to offer – ensuring that whoever is looking for you, will find value
  5. Using the right keywords
    1. The most successful keywords are the ones that have a high search volume and low competition.
    2. As a marketer, you are required to utilize all the tools that you have at hand to ensure that you are providing the most relevant keywords, with the right amount of completion based on the client’s budget.
  6. Have clear KPIs and proper conversion tracking
    1. PPC is not only about getting traffic, it is about getting the searcher to click, stay and buy.
    2. It is important that you integrate all the tools that you have at hand, such as google analytics and google tag manager with your AdWords campaign, to ensure that you are optimizing not only based on your visits, but on your conversions.
  7. Creating ads with proper calls to actions – CTAs
  8. Use the right time frame
  9. Bid properly
    1. Base your bidding on the right time, area, CTA, ad, keyword, landing page.
    2. Make sure that all your bidding whether automatic or manual yields the best results for the clients.
Increasing Businesses ROI with SEM

Creating opportunities and ROI for Businesses and Clients

As a business owner, or a brand manager, you need to know some basic terms.

  1. Campaigns
  2. Ad groups
  3. Campaign types
  4. Keywords
  5. Impressions
  6. Ad rank
  7. Mobile ads
  8. Ad extensions
  9. CTA
  10. CTR
  11. Optimization
  12. Landing pages
  13. Bid strategy
  14. Daily budget
  15. CPC
  16. CPM
  17. Headline
  18. Display URL
  19. Destination URL
  20. Side ad and Top ad

All of which are provided explained in this great article by wishpond.com : http://blog.wishpond.com/post/77287406414/google-adwords-25-glossary-terms-you-need-to-know






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