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How to Capitalize on Relevancy and Intent as a Marketer?

As we are moving more and more towards voice search, mobile-first indexing, and machine learning algorithms, search and SEO are becoming more and more… intentional. At least in the sense that you must focus on the intentions of your market. If the content is to successfully build strong SEO, it cannot be based solely on […]

Short Guide to On Page SEO Tags | On Page SEO Optimization Intro

What is on page optimization? The optimizations that you can do on-page of the site. These optimizations include most of the on-page tags of the website. What are the most important SEO On Page Tags? What are the on-page tags that we can optimize? Meta Title tags Meta descriptions Page URLs Content on page Alt […]


How to Manage Google Analytics Permissions?

Google Analytics Permissions Guide Google Analytics structure is important when it comes to giving permissions and delegating rights to teams and individuals. For example, you may want to permit some people to view reports, but not make changes within the Google Analytics platform, whereas you may want to grant someone else permission to edit dashboards […]


How to Properly Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics Structure GA is divided into three levels. The account level: This is where you label your group of properties. Every account can have up to 50 properties. The property level: This is where you manage all your web properties. A web property could be an app, a website, a POS, etc. Any property […]