Best SEO books for 2021

Top Search Engine Optimization Books for 2021

The internet is such a competitive space, and it continuously keeps on growing and changing at an unprecedented rate. One of the best ways to remain competitive and relevant online is to have your site or web property optimized so that they can show up on the front page of Google for potential visitors to engage with.

A mistake that so many big companies, small businesses and individuals make is not putting importance on their SEO efforts. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial to a site’s performance, ultimately a significant deciding factor in any website’s success.

Without further ado, let’s leave it to the industry experts to lead you on the right path to the power and importance of SEO. Our ten recommendations were selected to help any individual get your website to the front page of Google using all the latest tools and tricks to help you on your journey.

1. The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer and Jessie Stricchiola

Dubbed as the SEO Bible, The Art of SEO provides a complete roadmap for you to plan and execute your SEO strategy. Led by three SEO pros, the book includes the latest updates on SEO tools, tactics and different ranking methods that have been implemented in the SEO landscape. If you’re new to SEO, this book provides an A to Z experience, while experts will be able to use the book if they need references for their day-to-day operations.

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2. SEO for Growth by John Jantsch and Phil Singleton

SEO for growth takes you on a journey explaining the overview of SEO and how different aspects such as algorithms and design changes impact your SEO. The book’s goal is to help you think the way Google does in order to put you in the most optimal mindset for you to really understand how it operates so that you can optimize your SEO strategies.

The book also  teaches you the best strategies and techniques you can use at every stage of the business providing you with an excellent link between your customers and your business to best serve everyone involved. As the name would suggest, the book wants to use SEO for growth, whether it is trying to gain new clients or even how to retain them once they are past the purchase phase.

The book truly excels in providing great value if you are a small business looking to transition to the digital age or a digital marketer looking how to provide expert advice to your online clients.

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3. The SEO Way: Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization by Tarek Riman

Tarek Riman designed The SEO way to help better equip start-ups, students, companies, beinggers, marketers and entrepreneurs to get a better grasp as to how to use SEO to help grow their businesses and bring irreplaceable value to any of their customers in the future.

The SEO Way provides a collection of the latest strategies, tactics and best practices that are being used by some of the biggest and best companies out there in an ingestible way that anybody can apply to their own business.

The book stresses the importance of making a meaningful impact on every part of your website because if you dont you will get left behind, not only from an SEO point of view but also by your customers.

Which is why the book is there to make sure you don’t fall short. It provides users with the industry standard tools and know-how to be successful and impactful. Ranging from technical details to the overall approach, you will learn how to get the nuts and bolts of your web properties in top shape, and how to create marketing and business strategies that continually grow your SEO strength for long term results.

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4. SEO For Dummies by Peter Kent

The For Dummies series is always a low effort, impactful introduction to various topics, and this SEO edition is no exception. Like many of its predecessors, the book aims to teach you the extreme basics in a friendly and easily understandable way.

SEO for Dummies is designed with website owners, developers and digital marketers in mind. It provides the ability to create websites that rank at the top of search engines, providing a high volume of traffic.

It provides value to its readers by teaching them how to fully use SEO to its fullest all the while being with you every step of the way in how to not only effectively use your SEO but other steps that sometimes get missed by other books such as registering your site to directories and indexes for example.

The book is an excellent introduction to SEO and is there for people with no previous knowledge, and provides you with a strong foundation for you to move further in your SEO expeditions.

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5. How To Get To The Top Of Google in 2021 by Tim Cameron Kitchen

If you’re looking to make an impact online, this is the book for you. Tim has updated his book to provide his readers with the latest tools, tips and tricks to get to the front page of Google. He promotes his book as a no-nonsense guide to SEO for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. He aims to provide straightforward and to-the-point advice using various techniques and strategies to maximize your efforts.

The book is divided into 4 sections: The Foundations, Your Website, Promoting Your Website and Designing your SEO Strategy. Each chapter clearly outlines what you will be learning and delivers the info clearly and concisely, making it an approachable entry for anyone who doesn’t want to be bogged down by additional fluff and get into the meat of things.

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6. SEO Fitness Workbook: Search Engine Optimization Success in Seven Steps by Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald is an SEO expert who teaches at Stanford, repurposing his digital marketing course content into an easy-to-understand workbook. Updated for 2021, the goal of his book is to teach you SEO Step by Step while you use the worksheets he provides to guide you through any ambiguity in the SEO world.

Learn the basics of optimizing your website, learning how to link build, effectively use Google Analytics, and various other tools at your disposal.

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7. SEO 2021: Learn Search Engine Optimization with Smart Internet Marketing Strategies by Adam Clarke

A very informative book written in plain English so even the uninformed can quickly grasp the information reported. This book will help you learn SEO whether you are a beginner or are a pro in the field.

The book teaches you to optimize your SEO based on how some of the most prominent websites do. Want to know how to be like a pro? Learn to be like one! Designed in a step-by-step way, the book focuses on getting your site to the top of Google and how to get customers to click your site.

The book also provides tons of resources and unique tricks to keep note of and use whenever you need to. It helps you become more confident in your SEO efforts, especially as you read further into the book. It leads to many ‘A Ha’ moments that you will find yourself learning at every turn of the page.

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8. The SEO Blueprint: How to Get More Organic Traffic Right Now  by David Krevitt and Ryan Stewart

The SEO Blueprint is an efficient and hands-on book that delivers a top-tier overview of the SEO landscape. Ryan provides an impressive amount of information on how to improve your website according to Google’s standards and how to run a profitable SEO agency which is a unique insight that people will find a high amount of value in.

While maybe not the best book for just the basics, it goes above and beyond in teaching you the ins and outs of the business.  The book is dubbed as a blueprint, and Ryan isn’t using the term lightly. He is highly knowledgeable and passionate about SEO, and his step-by-step no-nonsense approach shows you how to do SEO from the ground up with no additional fluff.

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9. Search Engine Marketing for E-commerce Business by Joe Balestrino

This book was designed to help optimize Shopify sites or other eCommerce platforms. It provides real-life examples which were specifically designed with the book in mind. This helps put real problems that thousands of people have encountered so that you don’t have to.

While SEO may not be the focal point, it provides enough of the basics for it to qualify as an SEO book. This book is on the list because it does a great job in marrying your SEO and SEM efforts together. Thus, maximizing Google Analytics and Search Console to achieve a grander vision in the digital marketing landscape.

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10.   3 Months to No.1: The “No-Nonsense” SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google by Will Coombe

Will Coombe runs a successful SEO Agency in London and has brought together resources that helped him get to his point. He offers a no-nonsense approach and caters to those looking to buckle down and put in the work. 3 Months to become number 1 doesn’t get done by not working hard. The book is designed almost like a course he would teach and provides you with a walkthrough complemented by extensive and informative videos to help you progress.

All this is for your to see your results quickly and feel a sense of accomplishment after 3 months. Seeing your progress week by week does wonders and helps you gain confidence very quickly.

The book will help you

  • Discover SEO’s greatest secret – that it isn’t rocket science!
  • Save thousands by doing SEO yourself or with your in-house team
  • Filter profitable traffic to your site
  • Learn what on earth to do with your social media
  • Effectively direct and monitor people doing SEO for you
  • Gain the industry knowledge to call out anyone full of ‘BS’

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We hope these 10 books can lead you in the right direction to bolster your SEO efforts. We found the latest SEO books we could find in order to help you gain the latest tools and techniques moving forward. Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned individual, there is something here for everybody. Remember to always optimize with the user in mind!